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On a mission to build the future of furnishing

We believe that the conventional way of buying furniture is no longer the ideal solution to get furnished. Buying furniture is often expensive whilst most available furniture is made of low quality materials. Additionally, most people tend to favor low-quality products in order to avoid high upfront costs, while neglecting the environmental externalities.

Our mission is to change the way organizations purchase and consume office furniture. We choose to work uniquely with responsible, high-quality furniture suppliers. This is why all the products featured in our catalogue are sustainable and made to last. Our circular models favor product rotation and prevent furniture waste.

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On a Mission

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The Enky Team

Aissa Laroussi

Co-founder & CEO

Benjamin Cohen

Furniture solutions specialist

Edouard Pecher

Furniture solutions specialist

Olivier Ramel

Co-founder (via Kymono)

Shari Dewannemacker


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