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Enhance your remote workforce productivity and comfort with quality furniture delivered and installed at their home.

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Home office FAQ

What is Enky?

Welcome to ENKY, a furniture company engaged in the preservation of our planet. 🌳

We're crafting flexible solutions - rental, circular purchase - for all kinds of moods. Whether you're at home or at work, we'll always ensure that you are comfortably furnished. All the pieces listed are produced in Europe, and were chosen for their high-quality and timeless design.

How can I buy the furniture?

It is possible to buy the furniture after 12 months of rental. You will have to pay the difference between its retail price and the monthly payments made during your subscription.

How can you help me set up my home office?

If, like us, you are working from home and want more comfort in your daily life, set up your home office space!

  • Complete packs of stylish and sustainable furniture, for all kinds of moods
  • Hassle-free delivery and assembly at your house
  • Starting from 39€/month. Add, return, or exchange furniture in a blink of an eye.
What's your impact on the environment?

We believe furnishing your place should be flexible and less harmful for the planet. Each year, the fast furniture industry is responsible for more than 11M tonnes of waste. 😱

How can we fight this?

👉 Renting furniture instead of buying it gives you instant access to much better products, without huge investments.

👉 By bringing circularity and product rotation to the furniture industry, we make sure no furniture ever ends up in the trash again.

👉 We're working with amazing suppliers in Europe! The manufacturing processes used to craft furniture are causing little to no harm for the environment.

Together, let’s give our products a second life and end fast furniture once and for all!

What happens if I damage the furniture?

If you damage the furniture during your subscription, please email us to explain the damages with photos and videos. Our team will then determine whether or not the damage can be repaired.

  • Normal wear and tear

We don't charge for normal wear and tear (slight scratches).

  • Major damages

For more serious damage, repairs and replacements are evaluated individually by our team. You benefit from a deductible amounting to 10% of the price of the damaged furniture.