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High quality, eco friendly furniture delivered and assembled to you, for a monthly fee.

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You are an architect, property manager, hotel, restaurant, or business owner?
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Enhance your space to create a comfortable and well-designed environment that fosters team satisfaction and attracts customers.

Achieve this with thoughtfully chosen, high-quality, and sustainable furniture, all without straining your budget.
Acknowledge the importance of your customer with undivided attention.

Adapt your furniture to suit both your clients and your genuine need for refreshing and optimizing space.

Transform your space to an extraordinary level by incorporating quality and unique pieces of furniture.
Real estate
Attract new guests and elevate your business with our services: consistently adjust your furniture to meet evolving customers requirements, incorporating high-quality design elements that will maximize potential to your spaces!
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and many more.
Why choose us for furnishing your space?
Top-notch equipment that doesn't strain your budget or harm our planet. What else could you wish for?
Preserve your liquidity
No upfront costs, keep your investment capacities for your growth. Thanks to Enky, put your furniture in Opex and not Capex.
Enjoy high-quality design items
Carefully selected, high-end beautiful furniture. Make your workspace a comfortable and well-designed place for your team and customers.
Furnish your space with responsability
Renting is the new buying! With Enky you actively contribute to our environment. Our products are long lasting and can be rented several times.
Discover our flexibles formulas
Our furnishing solutions help you create a made-to-measure space that evolves continuously. This allows you to focus on your core business without impacting the planet and while optimizing your investments.
with no buying option
If you want real flexibility to adapt your furniture to your imperatives or taste, this one is for you! Opt for a top-quality, long-lasting furniture without locking up your funds.
High flexibility (short contracts)
Budget friendly
Opex: business running daily cost
Maintenance service
No buying option
with buying option
If you prefer taking your time and being a "try-before-you-buy" consumer, consider leasing! Experience top-quality furniture, and decide by the end of your lease to give it back, or to buy it!
Flexibility (long contracts)
Higher investment rate
Opex: business running daily cost
Maintenance service
Buying option
Circular purchase
with Enky buy-back option
If you have a go-getter spirit and are convinced by our catalog, choose the highest quality, durable furniture sourced for its longevity, with no interest to pay.
No flexibility
Furnitures property
Capex: one-time investment
Maintenance service optional
Furniture repurchase by Enky
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Carefully selected furniture pieces
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Explore our platform to discover European brands that our team meticulously chose for their
durability and high-quality materials. Simplify your project by accessing all our products to create furnishings that perfectly suit any of your needs.

Good to know: this is a beta phase of our app, we’re actively developing version 1 to ensure an optimal experience. This version may not be flawless yet, but it's real! If you encounter any challenges or have feedback, please let us know!
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Furniture selection
Product tyoe
Nearly New
Lead time
Nova Sofa
30€/ month
Pamp chair
5€/ month
Fina bed
23€/ month
Coad Stan
15€/ month
Seatbox Procyon
170€/ month
Lan chair
16€/ month
Madison Sofa
32€/ month
Soda Sofa
14€/ month
New modern Dining
18€/ month
Las Palmas
5€/ month
Bolero R0319
9€/ month
Team 100
27€/ month
Discover your spaces with the best experts
We built a community of designers and architects with whom we share common values. We are convinced that great solutions are the result of powerful partnerships.
Space design
Collaborating with a thoughtfully curated community of architects, we aim to connect you with the perfect professional who aligns with your requirements, style, and values.
If you already have your own architect, that's absolutely possible too!
Let's discuss your project
Annually, Europe discards 11 million tonnes of office furniture. Opt for Enky, where you can choose either new furniture, produced sustainably for your project, or opt for second-life furniture, refurbished after each subscription and reintegrated into our collection.
A concrete impact on the environement
Buying circular or renting your furniture with us means less furniture in landfills and less CO2 released into the atmosphere.

We only select suppliers that respect rigoroussustainability criteria. From sustainable sources of wood (PEFC/FCS) to eco-friendly manufacturing processes. All our products are made in Europe and build to last.
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Frequently asked questions
What is Enky?

Enky is a subscription-based furnishing solution for businesses combined with a participatory investment model.Our subscribers get to furnish their spaces without heavy investment and enjoy more flexibility for their changing needs.In parallel, investors can acquire the furniture leased, and receive a share of the generated revenue.As a result we prolong the furniture’s lifespan by maximising usage between multiple users. This helps us accomplish our mission to make furniture consumption more sustainable!

Where do you deliver?

We currently ship and install throughout Europe!
If you have a project outside of Europe, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will explore the feasibility of accommodating your needs.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time spans from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your order and the specified timelines from our brand partners.

Second life items are ready for delivery within 2 weeks.
New items, crafted for customers upon order for sustainability reasons, are typically ready within 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I add furniture during my subscription?

Certainly, you have the option to add furniture during your subscription. However, please be aware that the addition of furniture will invariably result in creating a new order.

If you decide to include furniture shortly after placing your initial order, a new order will be generated.
Depending on the timing, we will make every effort to coordinate the delivery of both orders (order 1 + order 2). Consequently, the delivery date initially provided for your first order may experience a slight delay.

Alternatively, if you choose to add furniture at a later time, it will create a new order and will be processed accordingly.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

The conclusion of your rental period varies according to the chosen formula:

For subscriptions, you have the option to either prolong the lease or opt for furniture return.In lease agreements, you can extend the duration, purchase the furniture, or choose to return it.

In circular purchase arrangements, should you no longer wish to keep the bought furniture, we offer the possibility of repurchasing it between 5 to 10 years after your purchase.

Can I rent furniture for my home?

For now, we only offer our services to professional needs:

- Office spaces, like scale-ups, big companies, co-workings, staging, schools, medical centers...
- Hospitality projects, like hotels, apart-hotels, restaurants, bars, holiday homes...
- Real Estate projects, like furnished apartments, co-livings, stagings...

Are delivery and installation costs included?

Delivery and installation are included in our standard package.

Is there a deposit required to rent furniture?

Yes, a deposit is mandatory when renting furniture with Enky. For companies, the deposit is equivalent to 3 months' rent. An exception is granted for new companies (less than 1 year old), where the deposit can be extended to the equivalent of 6 months' rent.

The deposit is due upon placing the order. The initial monthly payment must be made the day following the delivery and installation.

How long is the rental period?

Depending on the formula you choose with Enky (subscription or leasing), your rental period can go from 1 to 6 years.

- Subscription formula: 12, 24, 36, 48 months rental periods.
- Leasing package: 60 or 72 months rental period.

When do I have to pay for my subscription?

For subscription and lease, your order will be processed upon the completion of your first monthly payment. Subsequent payments will then be automatically billed each month, either from a credit card or through SEPA direct debit.
For circular purchase, your order will be processed upon completion of the complete payment.

Can I cancel my subsription before the end date?

Your subscription duration cannot be shortened once chosen; it remains for the selected duration. When selecting your plan, if you are uncertain about the duration, it's advisable to begin with a shorter period and then extend if needed. In the event that early termination becomes necessary for any reason, please reach out to us for further assistance.

Can I extend my rental period? 

Yes, of course! Please contact us before the end of your subscription.

Can I buy the furniture?

When it comes to purchasing the furniture, you have two options:

If you initially selected the circular purchase formula, you directly bought our furniture. We have the option to buy you back the furniture, between 5 to 10 years after purchase.
If you opted for the leasing formula, you have a buying option: at the end of your subscription, you will have the choice either to give back the furniture to us, or to buy it at its estimated price/value.

If you have opted for the subscription formula, purchasing is not available as an option. If your ultimate goal is to buy, we would recommend considering the circular purchase or lease formula instead.

What happens if I damage the furniture?

In both the subscription and lease formulas, a Damage Cover is included. If you happen to damage the furniture during your subscription, please contact us via email, providing a detailed explanation of the damages along with accompanying photos and videos. Our team will then assess whether the damage is reparable or not.

- Normal Wear and Tear: Charges are not applicable for normal wear and tear, including slight scratches.

- Major Damages: For more substantial damage, our team evaluates repairs and replacements on a case-by-case basis.

A deductible of 10% of the damaged furniture's price is applicable in such instances, as outlined in the Damage Cover.

What are the advantages of renting your furniture?

Renting furniture offers various advantages:

- Enhances flexibility by allowing you to adjust your furniture according to evolving needs.
- Preserves cash flow by avoiding large upfront costs associated with purchasing furniture.
- Provides tax benefits, as the monthly lease payments are considered expenses, reducing taxable profit and subsequently lowering the amount of corporation tax payable.

Who is in charge of the design of my workspace?

When it comes to the design aspect, you have two options:

- either you already have a preferred interior designer and want to engage their services to design your workspace using our furniture,
- or we can connect you with an interior designer from the Enky community with whom we regularly collaborate. We carefully match your requirements with the expertise of one of our interior designers.

Explore our designers pool!

What do I do with my existing furniture?

Whether you're looking to refresh your entire furniture inventory or just specific pieces, we have a solution tailored for you. Our service includes the removal of all furniture you wish to replace, which is then handed over to partners specializing in recycling or reconditioning parts. This is a paid option worth considering at the project's inception. Opting for this service not only streamlines your project but also makes a significant contribution to reducing furniture waste. We applaud your commitment to sustainability!

How does subscription work?

The subscription contract offers an alternative to traditional purchasing: it offers high flexibility and is budget friendly. Under this arrangement, you pay a monthly fee for the usage of the selected furniture. Subscription terms are very flexible, ranging from 12 to 48 months.

How much does subscription cost?

The subscription cost is determined based on the quantity and type of rooms you select, along with the level of service you opt for. We curate high-quality, sustainable furniture, ensuring that our offerings consist of top-tier, durable pieces produced on demand in a more responsible manner. At the end of your contrat, you have the choice to either prolong the contract, or give back the furniture.

How does the leasing work?

The leasing contract is also an alternative to traditional purchasing. Under this contract, you pay a monthly fee for the usage of the selected furniture.  As subscription, it offers flexibility but within longer contracts, and with higher investment rates. Leasing terms are flexible, ranging from 60 to 72 months. .

How much does leasing cost?

The leasing cost is determined based on the quantity and type of rooms you select, along with the level of service you opt for. We curate high-quality, sustainable furniture, ensuring that our offerings consist of top-tier, durable pieces produced on demand in a more responsible manner. At the end of your lease, you have the option to give back the furniture, or to buy it!

How does the circular purchase work?

It you have a go-getter spirit, and eventually a crush on the furniture we offer, circular purchase is an option. As opposed to the two other contract types, you here buy the furniture at its full price, and become their owner. If at some point, you don't want your furniture anymore, we have the option to buy the furniture back to you (at a price calculated upon the time of use and the state of the furniture.

How much does circular purchase cost?

In this scenario, your furniture is priced at its full value, without any interest charges.

What's your impact on the environment?

We advocate for a flexible and environmentally conscious approach to furnishing your space. Annually, the fast furniture industry generates over 11 million tonnes of waste, a concerning statistic. Here's how we address this issue:

🌍 Rent Instead of Buy: Opting for furniture rental provides immediate access to superior products without the need for significant investments.

♻️ Circularity and Product Rotation: Introducing circularity and product rotation into the furniture industry ensures that no furniture ends up in landfills.

🌐 Partnerships with European Suppliers: We collaborate with great suppliers in Europe who employ manufacturing processes that cause minimal to no harm to the environment.

🔄 Give Products a Second Life: Let's work together to give our products a second life and put an end to the fast furniture cycle once and for all!

How do you select your suppliers?

We have meticulously chosen European brands, based on their renowned quality attributes, including durability, repairability, recyclability, environmentally friendly production practices, and the use of high-quality materials.

For your project, new furniture is crafted sustainably. Additionally, second-life furniture undergoes refurbishment after the completion of its previous subscription, making it eligible for reintroduction into our product range.

How do you ensure that deadlines are met by the various service providers?

Prior to finalizing the quotation, you will be provided with information regarding the delivery timelines for the selected furniture. We take the responsibility to ensure that these timelines are respected. The furniture is crafted with durability in mind for your furnishing project (upon order in most cases), and our strong understanding of our partners enables us to confidently guarantee the announced deadlines.

What is Enky's role during the furnishing process?

Enky handles every aspect of the project's furnishing, from furniture selection to installation and beyond (including repairs and maintenance). Depending on the client's preferences, Enky can take on the role of project manager, serving as a liaison between the client and the architect for seamless coordination.

When do I have to pay?

The payment frequency is contingent on the selected plan. You may be required to make payments on a monthly, quarterly, or upon contract signing basis, especially in the case of a circular purchase contract.

Can we stay in our offices during the fitting out period?

Based on the project's scope, we will collaboratively determine the most suitable approach for your teams during the fitting-out period.

Who can I contact if I have a problem after the furniture is installed? 

Your designated Enky contact will serve as your point of contact and will oversee the follow-up, repair, and maintenance of the furniture.

Who will be my contact person during the project?

Throughout your subscription period and beyond, a representative from Enky will be your primary point of contact.

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