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High quality, eco-friendly furniture delivered and assembled to you, for a monthly fee.

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Why furnish your space with us?

Design renting service

Preserve your liquidity

No upfront investment, keep your investment capacities for your growth. Thanks to Enky, put your furniture in Opex and not Capex.
High quality design items

Enjoy high quality design items

Carefully selected, high-end beautiful furniture. Make your workspace a comfortable and well-designed place for your team and customers.
Delivery and assembly premium service

Experience premium service

Office planning, delivery and assembly. Our team provides you with the utmost care and support, focus on your business, we take care of equipping your talents!
Sustainable renting service

Furnish your space responsibly

Renting is sustainable. With Enky you actively contribute to our environment. Our products are long lasting and can be rented several times.
For all Kinds of needS
Renting design furnitures for Startups
Renting design furnitures for corporates
Renting design furnitures for SMBs
Renting design furnitures for Hospitality

How it works?

We make it easy, every step of the way

1. Choose your furniture

Enjoy flexible formulas:

- RENT / LEASE for the duration of your choice
- BUY right from the start or after your subscription

You pick what works for you! And we are there to guide you every step of the way.

Not sure what your style is? Our experts are there to provide interior design advice, and find you the best fit.

Design renting furnitures
+3000 references
Design renting furnitures
High quality products tested and build to last
Design renting furnitures
Interior design advice
Get your furnitures delivered and assembled

2. Get it delivered & assembled

We deliver and install on site following your floor plans. Our experts retrieve all the packaging and even your old furniture if needed.

3. Enjoy you new furniture

Feel proud of your new workspace and enjoy it to the fullest. We will be there for aftercare, repairs and maintenance.

Design office
Design furnitures
Office inpiration
Mobilier de bureau design
Location de meubles design

Need to furnish your space?

Get in touch with us!

Wide range of carefully selected
furniture items

We select and partner with the best brands

Need an architect? We’ve got you covered

The Enky Designer Pool - A community of designers

We have built a community of interior designers and architects with whom we share common values. We are convinced that great solutions are the result of powerful partnerships. By combining our strengths with other professional players we deliver all-in solutions.

We’ll connect you with your designer

Your project is unique and deserves a tailored approach.We will select the professionals for you that match your needs and location.The choice to work with the selected designers and or architects remains obviously yours.

But what if I already have my own architect?

That’s totally fine! If you have your own architect that you’re used to working with, we will synchronize our offer with his or her design. Just put us in touch with your designer and we’ll take care of the rest for you.
Interior designers community


Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver within my city?

We currently ship all over Europe!

Are delivery and installation costs included?

Delivery and installation are included in our standard package.

How long is the rental period?

We offer you the possibility to spread your monthly payments of your leasing or rental contract over a period of 2 to 5 years. After 5 years, the leasing option is activated.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

At the end of your rental contract, you have 3 options:

- Extend the duration of your lease
- Buy the furniture
- Return the furniture and end your subscription

What are the advantages of renting your furniture?

Renting furniture allows you to preserve your cash flow.

From a tax point of view, the monthly payments made under your lease are considered as expenses and reduce your taxable profit, which in turn reduces the amount of your corporation tax.

What happens if I damage the furniture?

An accident? It happens, and we know it - that's why all our packages automatically include solutions. In the case of minor scratches, we consider this to be normal wear and tear caused by the use of the furniture. No problem, we do not charge anything.

In the case of more extensive damage, repairs and replacements are assessed individually by our team. You benefit from an excess of 10% of the price of the damaged furniture.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription is an alternative to the classic purchase. Each month, you pay a fee to use the furniture you have selected. You can take out a subscription from 12 to 60 months.

How much does it cost?

The price of your subscription is calculated according to the number and type of rooms you choose and the level of service you subscribe to. We select design and sustainable furniture which means that we only offer top of the range furniture, made to last, produced on demand in a more responsible way.

Who is in charge of the design of my workspace?

For the design part, there are two possibilities: either you already know an interior designer and you wish to call upon his or her services to design your workspace with our furniture, or we put you in touch with an interior designer from the Enky community with whom we are used to working. We match your needs with the skills of one of our interior designers.

What do I do with my existing furniture?

Whether you want to renew your entire furniture stock or just part of it, we have a solution for you. We take care of removing all the furniture you wish to dispose of and hand it over to partners who recycle or recondition the parts. This is a paying option that you should consider from the start of the project. By choosing this option, you will be making a further contribution to reducing furniture waste. And for that, we congratulate you!

If I stop my contract before the end, what happens?

- In the standard formula, you will have to pay 25% of the remaining rent due
- In the flexible formula, you will have to pay 20% of the remaining rent due
If you want to stop your contract before the end, here are the terms and conditions.

How do you select your suppliers?

We have chosen European brands that are selected for their quality in terms of durability, repairability, recallability, environmentally friendly production and high quality materials.

New furniture is manufactured sustainably for your project. And second life furniture is refurbished after the previous subscription and re-introduced into our range.

How do you ensure that deadlines are met by the various service providers?

Before you sign the quotation, you are informed of the delivery times for the furniture chosen, and we then ensure that they are respected. The furniture is manufactured in a durable manner for your furnishing project, and as we know our partners very well, we are able to guarantee the deadlines announced.

What is Enky's role during the furnishing process?

Enky takes care of the furnishing of the project, from the choice of furniture to the installation and even beyond (repairs, maintenance, etc.). Depending on the client, Enky can be the project manager for the assignment and act as a link between the client and the architect.

When do we have to pay?

Depending on the formula chosen, you will have to pay monthly, quarterly or at the signature of the contract in the case of a direct purchase of the furniture.

Can we stay in our offices during the fitting out period?

Depending on the scope of the project, we will decide together what is best for your teams during the fitting-out period.

Who can I contact if I have a problem after the furniture is installed?

Your Enky contact will be your point of contact, and will ensure the follow-up, repair and maintenance of the furniture.

Who will be my contact person during the project?

A person from Enky will be your main contact throughout the subscription period and beyond.

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