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How to invest

Our users rent furniture online

We offer our users a unique alternative compared to buying furniture. For a monthly fee, they enjoy high-quality furniture without heavy investments and a hassle-free full service.
Monthly rent
Office Desk
220€ / mo
Office chair
160€ / mo
45€ / mo
2 seaters Sofa
42€ / mo
Monthly total:
467€ / mo
Order confirmed

You invest in the items rented to users

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You get monthly revenues

We collect the monthly payments from our users and you get return on your investments. Invest in tangible assets and benefit from good returns at a very low risk. Access your online dashboard and follow your investments online.

Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify to be an investor at Enky?
To qualify as an investor at Enky, you must have a company number registered in Belgium, France, Luxembourg or in Germany
What is the average subscription duration? How the interests are calculated?
The average duration is 42 months. Depending of the chosen duration by the subscriber, the interest rate varies. The shorter the duration, the higher the interest rate. (from 12 % to 6%)
What happens when a furniture item is not rented for a certain period?
It is normal that during the course of the lifetime of an asset that it is not rented 100% of the time. That is the reason why the interest rate varies depending on the subscription duration. Enky then stores it, and tries to find a new subscriber ASAP. Furthermore, we make sure to choose the type of furniture that is mostly requested, and constantly adjust according to our sales data.