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Invest in tangible assets and benefit from good returns at a very low risk

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Earn estimated returns of 5-7%
Contribute to a more sustainable world!

Invest in high-quality furniture and get monthly revenues

Modern age furniture solution associated with an innovative investment opportunity

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How to invest

Our users rent furniture online

We offer our users a unique alternative compared to buying furniture. For a monthly fee, they enjoy high-quality furniture without heavy investments and a hassle-free full service.
Monthly rent
Office Desk
220€ / mo
Office chair
160€ / mo
45€ / mo
2 seaters Sofa
42€ / mo
Monthly total:
467€ / mo
Order confirmed

You invest in the items rented to users

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the items rented to our users and buy them as investment. We provide you with all the details about ROI, buying price, ongoing subscription etc...

You get monthly revenues

We collect the monthly payments from our users and you get return on your investments. Invest in tangible assets and benefit from good returns at a very low risk. Access your online dashboard and follow your investments online.

Frequently asked questions

What is Enky?

Welcome to ENKY, a furniture company engaged in the preservation of our planet. 🌳

We're crafting flexible solutions - rental, circular purchase - for all kinds of moods. Whether you're at home or at work, we'll always ensure that you are comfortably furnished. All the pieces listed are produced in Europe, and were chosen for their high-quality and timeless design.

How does investing work?

Each time a new product is rented, we put it up for sale for investors. You can browse the products available for purchase on our Marketplace.

When buying furniture on ENKY, investors get access to monthly revenues generated from the rental contracts.

You can sell Items from your portfolio at their current value to other investors, after 12 months.

Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to recuperate your investment early if needed.

Why should I buy products on Enky?

Investing on Enky,s furniture means:

- Attractive returns, from 5-6% on average
- Low risks, tangible assets
- Contributing to a radical change in the furniture industry

When buying products on ENKY, you're helping us fight against fast furniture. Each year in Europe, this industry generates more than 10M tons of waste...

Which kind of products can I buy on Enky?

The products offered by ENKY meet our 5 selection criteria:

  • Quality: the good must be qualitative in order to be rented for several years
  • Provenance: the good must be produced in Europe, the continent of the most beautiful forests
  • Manufacturing process: the products must be crafted with responsible processes
  • Design: the good must have a timeless design in order to be rented several times
How is my rental income calculated?

Depending on the rental duration chosen by our users, a monthly rent is calculated. The rent includes depreciation of the product, the cost of our services (logistics, etc..), and the interests. Interest rate are calculated depending on the duration of the contract (from 6% to 12%). When the rental period is short, the interest rate increases. 

As investor, you get monthly revenues that include capital repayment (depreciation) and the interests on the contracts concluded with our users.