Invest in sustainable furniture.

Help finance our customers' furniture,
enjoy a 6 to 8% return on investment.

Rely on tangible assets for a high return on investment
Available from €500 upwards
Whether you're an individual or a professional, you can invest on our platform from as little as €500.
The estimated profitability of our projects ranges from 6 to 8%, depending on the type of project selected.
The variety of our projects means you can multiply your investments and moderate your risk.
Invest with peace of mind on My.Enky Invest
We guarantee you a simple, innovative and secure way to invest your money at low risk.
Our commitment
Furniture selected by us for its high quality
All the projects available on our platform contain robust, top-of-the-range furniture, with depreciation periods way over market range.
A guaranteed investment
No matter what happens to the projects you invest in, we guarantee your capital.
A secure, easy-to-use platform
You can find all your investments and income trends in one place, making them easy to manage.
Furniture selection
Filters (2)
Product type (2)
Talent 100
42 €/ month
Talent 500
24 €/ month
Bolero R2510
11 €/ month
Nova Sofa
46 €/ month
Madison Sofa
49 €/ month
Bolero R0319
24 €/ month
120 000 €
Investment amount
17% financed
60 months
Guaranteed capital
I want to invest
5000 €
You get
101,38 €/ month
Total repayments
6082,92 €
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Invest 5000 €
Product selection
All investment and transactions are carried out by Mollie, a payment service that includes security and fraud prevention tools. So you can invest and receive your payments in complete safety.
Discover current projects
How to invest
Our investment platform enables you to participate financially in our customers' furnishing projects.
Our users subscribe to our furniture service
Our subscription-based service offers users a practical and flexible solution, giving them access to a variety of quality furniture tailored to their needs. This alternative to traditional purchasing saves them from substantial up-front costs.
Monthly rent
Bolero R0319
9€/ month
Team 100
27€/ month
Monthly total :
36 €/ month
Order confirmed
Real estate
120 000 €
Investment amount
17% financed
60 months
Product selection
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120 000 €
Investment amount
17% financed
60 months
Product selection
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You invest in our users' furniture
Register as an investor on our platform and chose a project to invest in: your investment finances our user's furniture.

You'll find all the details you need to select the project that matches your strategy: return on investment, monthly or term repayment, amount of investment, duration, etc.
You earn monthly income
You receive a fixed monthly income, or a monthly interest, regardless of our customer collections. Access your dashboard and track your investments online.
My investments
2000,00 €
On Nov 10, 2021
Interest rate
1.094,93 € paid / 2.433,17 €
25 000,00 €
On Dec 8, 2022
Interest rate
8.462,62 € paid / 29.014,68 €
10 000,00 €
On Aug 20, 2023
Interest rate
Real estate
5.163,99 € paid / 10.327,9 €
8000,00 €
On Feb 1, 2024
Interest rate
356,37 € paid / 8.552,88 €
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Contribute to the transformation of the furniture sector
Our mission is to provide ingenious, sustainable solutions for your space, your budget and the planet. How can we do that?
Rigourous selection
We only provide top-of-the-line EU furnitures designed for maximum durability. Quality comes at a price: we've created an alternative to traditional purchasing.
Increased accessibility
Renting is the new buying! We offer a subscription service, enabling companies to amortize expenses while having adaptable furniture.
Extension services
Our all-inclusive services like maintenance, cleaning, repairs, replacements, and even furniture exchanges ensure durable projects.
Actively contribute to this circular dynamic by investing with us. Your commitment fuels the sustainable realization of environmentally-friendly furnishing projects.
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Frequently asked questions
Do I qualify to be investor at Enky?

Enky accommodates both individual and professional investors. This inclusivity means that whether you're investing personally (as an individual) or as part of a professional capacity (such as a financial advisor, business entity, or institutional investor), you have the potential to qualify as an investor with Enky.Regardless of being a private or professional investor, Enky has set a minimum investment amount of 500€. This means that to start investing with Enky, you need to be able to commit at least this amount.

How does investing work?

Investing with Enky is a simplified process designed for both individual and professional investors. Here's a step-by-step description of how it works:

1 - Project development: We furnish projects for customers who subscribe to our subscription-based furniture service.

2 - Publication on Enky Invest: These projects are then published on the platform and become accessible to all registered investors.

3 - Investor selection: You have the flexibility to invest in the project(s) available on My Enky Invest, based on your preferred amount, interest rate, and duration. Your placement will be used to finance our customers' furniture. 

4 - Portfolio management: Once invested, you can manage and monitor your portfolio via the platform, which provides detailed information on the return on investment.In short, our platform makes it easy for you to invest in low-risk, circular-economy assets.

Where can I follow my investment?

You can follow and manage your investment through the Investor's Portfolio Dashboard on My.Enky app. This platform is designed to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information about your investments. On the dashboard, you can track various aspects of your investment, including:

Investment List: View all your current investments, including details about each project you have invested in.

ROI: Monitor the performance of your investments, including the returns you are earning.

Payment Schedule: Keep track of when you will receive payments, helping you manage your financial planning effectively.

Signed Documents: Access all relevant documents related to your investments, including contracts and agreements, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

My.Enky app is designed to be user-friendly and informative, allowing you to have full visibility and control over your investment portfolio at any time.

Which kind of projects can I invest in via Enky?

Through My.Enky Invest App, you have the opportunity to invest in a variety of projects that we have carefully furnished and prepared for investment. We focus on furnishing projects in the following sectors:

Hospitality: This includes investments in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality-related ventures.

Real Estate: Our real estate investments cover a range of properties, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments.

Office: Investments in office spaces and commercial buildings fall under this category.

By offering a diverse range of projects across these sectors, Enky enables investors to choose investments that align with their interests, investment goals, and risk tolerance. This diversity also facilitates portfolio diversification, which is a key aspect of effective investment strategy.

Why should I invest via Enky?

Investing via Enky offers several compelling advantages, making it an attractive option for investors:

Attractive ROI: Enky offers a Return on Investment (ROI) ranging between 6% to 8%. This competitive rate is appealing for those looking to maximize their investment returns.

Guaranteed Investment: We provide a guarantee on your investment, offering a level of security and peace of mind that is highly valued in investment decisions.

Sustainable Choice: Enky is committed to the principles of the circular economy, making it a sustainable choice for investors. By investing with us, you're not only seeking financial returns but also contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious economic model.

These factors combine to make My.Enky Invest App a unique and responsible platform for your investment needs, aligning financial returns with sustainability and security.

What is Enky?

Enky is a subscription-based furnishing solution for businesses combined with a participatory investment model.

Our subscribers get to furnish their spaces without heavy investment and enjoy more flexibility for their changing needs.At the same time, investors can acquire the furniture leased, and receive a share of the generated revenue.

As a result we prolong the furniture’s lifespan by maximising usage between multiple users. This helps us accomplish our mission to make furniture consumption more sustainable!

What are the investment terms?

The services provided by the Enky investment platform are exclusively intended for natural persons of legal age or legal entities with the legal capacity to contract, regardless of their nationality or tax residence.

Are there any entrance fees?

No, there are no entrance fees involved. When you choose to invest with us, you can do so without worrying without any additional upfront costs or entrance fees. Our goal is to make the investment process as accessible and straightforward as possible for all our investors.

What is the minimum investment period?

The duration of your investment is directly linked to the length of the customer contract, with a minimum commitment period of 12 months. It's important to note that a longer investment duration correlates with a greater potential for Return on Investment.

What is the minimum amount to invest?

The minimum amount required to start investing is 500€. This threshold is set to ensure accessibility for a wide range of investors, allowing you to begin your investment journey with a manageable amount.

What will be my ROI?

Your Return on Investment (ROI) depends on the specific project you choose to invest in. Generally, the ROI varies between 6% and 8%. It's important to note that a longer investment duration correlates with a greater potential for Return on Investment. This means that selecting projects with longer investment periods can lead to more substantial returns. However, as with any investment, it's crucial to consider your individual financial goals and risk tolerance when making your choice.

How is my monthly payout calculated?

Your monthly payout is calculated based on each individual investment slice you make. This means that each separate investment you make is treated independently for the purpose of calculating payouts.

For example, if you invest 1000€ in Project A, then 3000€ in Project A again three days later, and 2000€ in Project B, you will receive three distinct monthly payouts. This is because you have made three separate investments, even though two of them are in the same project (Project A).

The monthly payout for each investment slice consists of two components: the reimbursement of the capital and the interest earned. Therefore, each payout you receive will be a sum of these two parts, calculated separately for each investment slice you have made.

How can I diversify my portfolio?

To diversify your portfolio, you can choose different or multiple projects on My.Enky Invest App. This approach allows you to spread your investments across various projects, reducing risk and potentially increasing your chances for better returns. By not putting all your investments in a single project, you can balance your portfolio and take advantage of different investment opportunities available on the platform.

Can I pass on my investment to someone else?

No, you cannot pass on your investment to someone else. Investments made through our platform are nominative, meaning they are registered in the name of the original investor and cannot be transferred to another individual. This policy ensures clarity and security in the investment process and maintains the integrity of the investment agreements.

How should I treat my Enky investments for tax purposes?

The tax treatment of your Enky investments depends on whether you are a private or professional investor:

Private Investors (Private Persons):

The interest rates shown on the My.Enky Invest App are gross interest rates, which do not include tax deductions.

- For Belgian tax residents who are natural persons, a withholding tax of 30% is applicable. This rate is consistent regardless of the investor's or project sponsor's nationality.

- For non-Belgian tax residents, the final taxation on their investments will depend on the tax laws of their country of residence. A withholding tax of 30% may be applied to their loans, subject to the specific legislation in their country.

Professional Investors (Business):

Investors who are investing through a company are not subject to withholding tax on the interest they receive. However, this interest is considered part of the company's income and is therefore subject to corporation tax according to the relevant tax laws.

It's important for investors to understand these tax implications and consider them when calculating their net returns from investments made through Enky. For specific tax advice, it's always recommended to consult with a tax professional or advisor who is familiar with your personal or business tax situation.

Is my personal information secure?

We ensure that your personal information remains confidential and will be only used within a legal framework.

What are the exit options?

Your investment commitment is based on the duration you chose when you made your initial investment. This means that your funds are invested in the project for the duration you chose when you selected a project at first. It is important to note that there is no possibility of early withdrawal. This structure is designed to ensure the consistency and reliability of the investment for all parties involved.

What happens if a customer does not pay or goes bankrupt?

In the unfortunate event of an Enky user becoming insolvent, we have implemented protective measures for your investment. We assure you that the monthly rent will continue to be disbursed to you, the investor, as initially agreed. Furthermore, we are committed to securing an alternative contract for your investment within a 6-month period, ensuring that your returns remain stable despite potential challenges.

In the rare circumstance where Enky is unable to secure another contract within this timeframe, we have a policy in place to reimburse you for your capital.

What happens if a customer reduces the rental period?

If a customer decides to reduce the rental period, Enky takes proactive steps to ensure the continuity of your investment. In such a scenario, the current contract is replaced with another one. During this transition, Enky will continue to pay out the monthly rent to you, the investor, as per the original agreement.

Furthermore, Enky commits to securing another contract for the investment within a 6-month timeframe. This commitment is part of our effort to maintain steady returns for our investors even in the event of changes in rental agreements.

In the rare instance where Enky is unable to secure another contract within the specified 6 months, you, as the investor, will be reimbursed for your capital. This policy is in place to protect your investment and provide peace of mind regarding the security of your funds.

What happens if the project's furnitures disappear?

In the unlikely event that the furnitures placed in the project you invested in disappear, Enky has a policy in place to replace it. This means that as an investor, you will not be impacted by this occurrence. Our priority is to ensure the continuity and stability of your investment, so we take immediate action to address such situations without any negative effect on your investment returns or portfolio. This replacement policy is part of our commitment to safeguarding your investments and maintaining trust in our platform.

What happens if the project's furniture is damaged?

If the furnitures placed in the project you have invested in gets damaged, Enky will take responsibility for either repairing or replacing it. This action is taken to ensure that your investment remains secure and unaffected. As an investor, you will not experience any impact from this occurrence. Our commitment is to maintain the integrity and continuity of your investment, so we handle all aspects of repair or replacement as needed. This approach is part of our dedication to protecting your investments and providing a reliable and trustworthy investment experience on our platform.

What is the risk of investing with Enky?

Your capital is always guaranteed. In the unfortunate event of an Enky user becoming insolvent, we have implemented protective measures for your investment. We assure you that the monthly rent will continue to be disbursed to you, the investor, as initially agreed. Furthermore, we are committed to securing an alternative contract for your investment within a 6-month period, ensuring that your returns remain stable despite potential challenges.In the rare circumstance where Enky is unable to secure another contract within this timeframe, we have a policy in place to reimburse you for your capital.

Which payments methods are authorized to invest?

To invest with Enky, we accept the following payment methods:

SEPA Bank Transfer: You can use a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) bank transfer to conveniently and securely transfer funds from your bank account to your Enky investment account.

SEPA Direct Debit: This option allows for an automatic debit from your bank account, making the investment process seamless and hassle-free.

Both of these payment methods can be easily executed directly through the My.Enky Invest App, ensuring a smooth and efficient investment process. These methods are designed to provide both security and convenience, aligning with our commitment to offering a user-friendly investment experience.

How does referral on My.Enky Invest work? 

The process is simple. On the right hand of your account on My.Enky Invest, clic on the REFERRAL call to action. You will find a personal link, to share to your friends.

Each time a referral creates an account thanks to your link, they receive €100 credit, which increases according to the following investment tiers:

- €100 for an investment between €500 and €2000.
- €200 for an investment between €2000 and €5000.
- €300 for an investment of over €5000.

Once your referral's investment is completed, you also receive €100 credit to invest according to the same tiers!

Can I use several credits from referral on one investment? 

No. If you have several credits from different referrals to use, you will only be able to use those credits one by one. They are not cumulative, but their value increases depending on the amount of the investment you make:
- €100 for investments from €500 to €2000
- €200 for investments from €2000 to €5000
- €300 for investments of over €5000.

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